3. When you know, you K N O W! and my business pivot

What is it like to act from a place of KNOWING, from absolute clarity and certainty?

I'm sharing my business pivot from personal brand photographer (back) to coach. How I'm going to act from a place of joy, and creation. And will run my business 'dancing like no one is watching'.

My new website will soon be available at thecarolamoon.com, where you'll find anything that I create from now on: shop with "Own Your Awesome" iPhone cases and mugs, programmes and products to help you Own Your Awesome.

I mentioned again Rachel Hollis' Rise Podcast.

Please get in touch if you'd love to be the first to buy an Own Your Awesome mug or iPhone case.

Share with me what resonated with you, and do let me know what topics I should cover next.

Have a wonderful rest of the day, and go out to Own Your Awesome!

Best, Carola :-)