7. How to get the important, BIG stuff done!

How do you get the important stuff done? I'm sharing abut doing YOUR things first, before you tend to tending to your emails, checking facebook or reply to your WhatsApp message.

I was inspired today by one of Kat Ruth's podcasts about how she tends to herself first: her journalling and self development, her messaging and selling and self care, before responding to any external request.

I share about how designed my day today, and all the things I managed to do before responding to my messages, emails and platform requests. 

While sharing about how I went for a run today, I took another detour back to Episode 5 about magic bean sellers. How I figured out my new running route by myself, inspired by friend; rather than depending on my friend or someone else to take me around that track – demonstrating again how much more rewarding it is to not listen to magic bean sellers (Episode 5) and instead trusting yourself that you'll figure out your own way. The same applies to business.

The other point I'm making is about focussing on one main goal to drive forward. This point reminded me of what I'd heard from Rachel Hollis.

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Have a wonderful rest of the day, Carola :-)

Remember: Have fun & Own Your Awesome!