Aduke's New Headshot


Aduke is originally from the legal world, where she's used to formal headshots that show professionalism, strength and competence. 

This new headshot of hers is different. More personable and three-dimensional, yet not less professional, strong or competent.  

Aduke is a successful project management professional and also the founder of The Sister Sister Network.  

During her Headshot session we took more formal and less formal images, and when she saw this image, she was decided! "That's me, that's how I'm now showing up in the world."

And that's the crux: having branding images that are authentical to you and your values. Oh, and not to forget, that make you feel positive about yourself too! 

“I can not recommend Carola enough. She is not only talented
but very professional and makes everyone comfortable
while working with them. Thank you Carola!”

Contact me for your authentic branding images that help you connect effortlessly with your audience.

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