Being Visible is Hard! Or is it?


It sucks! Here we are ready to own our gifts and serve the people we are meant to serve – and the only way to reach them is by becoming visible to them.

Visible by consistently showing up, creating content that they resonate with, and being vulnerable.

This visibility could mean to share your journey and share your why. It could mean to show up in selfies or booking a professional brand photography session. It could mean to write regular blog and social media posts that are close to your heart. It could mean put a new programme together that you know is in you to create.

Showing up in any of these or more ways can be scary as we become vulnerable to opinions and criticism.

The way this fear of visibility has shown up for me?

I don’t blog and send out emails as much as I know I ‘should’.

Not should in a way that’s an external expectation, but a should in a way where the reaching of my biggest goals is on the other side of this fear of fully showing up.

Then I ask myself: Why is this so hard? What is holding me back?

The truth is that I’m worried about not being ‘ready’ to show up.

But then: will I ever feel ready?

When my husband & I decided to have kids, we did that knowing we didn’t feel ready for it, and probably never would. In hindsight, we didn’t even know how “not-ready” we were at the time. But we grew ready ‘on the job’ more than any preparations ahead of time could have readied us for the job.

Carola Moon Portraits - Being Visible is Hard! Or is it?

Given that, there is only one way to move forward: do it anyway!

Just like Susan Jeffers’ famous quote: “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

And I still wonder if that will ever feel easier, possibly effortless, to be visible? If I ever will become excited about my next opportunity to fully show up?

I may or may not.

And at the same time I know it’s up to me! I’ve got a choice!

Let me explain…

As long as I (1) set an intention, (2) stay aware of my current (negative) mindset, and (3) actively reset it, do I move towards reaching and serving my dream clients.

Let me deep dive a little into each:

(1) Set an intention

Decide what you want to achieve and take one step at the time towards it. And with every wobble, re-commit to your intention.

(2) Become aware of your current mindset:

Watch out your underlying thoughts around this topic. Are you thinking you’ll never reach your dream clients? Are you worried becoming visible will be hard? Are you concerned about creating ‘too much success’ or client requests? This kind of awareness sets you free, because now you’ve got options…

(3) Reset your mindset

For any worry thoughts, decide if they serve you and whether you want to keep them. If not, every time the worry thought comes up, redirect your attention to an alternative thought. Example:

1. You worry to never reach your dream clients? Choose to think instead: “Every day I’m stepping closer to becoming visible to my dream clients.”

2. You believe becoming visible will be hard? Choose to think instead: “I’m learning new ways to become effortlessly visible to my dream clients every day.“

3. You are concerned about gaining too much traction? Choose to think instead: “This will be the best problem I may have, and I will find my solution to this problem easily.”

What I’ve found most helpful with the mindset reset is NOT to go to the exact opposite, the ‘ideal’ thoughts. Because when there’s too much of a discrepancy between your want and your reality, then you’ll reject the new mindset programming.

When it’s formulated as a thought that is plausible and an equally possible solution as your negative thoughts, then training your mind on it will be more successful.

Over to you…

What are your struggles with visibility for your business? What is an intention you’re committing to? What’s a new mindset thought you’re going to cultivate? Please let me know in a comment.

Remember: It’s time to Own Your Awesome!


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