My Clients Are Gems – Meet Gina

Going to networking events can be somewhat hit and miss. Sometimes you come back feeling you've made some good connections, sometimes you wonder why you went in the first place and ever so often you strike gold!

Let me take you back to February 2017 when I struck gold.

Author, Speaker & Storyteller Gina Balarin

Author, Speaker & Storyteller Gina Balarin

I attended the launch event of a new networking group - the Reading North group of the Athena Network headed up by the wonderful Debbie Atkins (a networker extraordinaire).

During this event, I hit it off with this lovely lady called Gina Balarin, owner of Verballistics. She is funny, confident and knowledgeable.

We met up a few times, helped each other out and in May of 2017 we came together to take her images. Gina needed an author photo for the book she was writing. Gina looked absolutely radiant, helped by Katie Reay Shott's professional hair & makeup magic and we took some personal portraits of her too – would've been an opportunity missed not to!

But my story is not about meeting Gina while networking, and then her hiring me for her portraits…

It's been way richer than that!

Since then we've invited each other to events, introduced each other to new connections, met up for one-on-one netwalking, pointed each other in the direction of useful resources, supported each other publicly and held each other accountable.

In November 2017 Gina has published her book called "The Secret Army: Leadership, Marketing and the Power of People"* and she's now holding talks around the country (and beyond), sharing her insights about The Power of People and Storytelling in Marketing. Have I told you yet that Gina is not just a good marketer, but also a gifted storyteller?


Author, Speaker, Storyteller: Gina Balarin

She even did a talk at one of the networking events I’ve run in Wallingford, called the “Awesome Network Morning” and did an amazing engaging talk that day.

Do reach out to Gina to work with her, hire her or have her speak at your event – she’s a gem!


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