Sarah's Personal Branding Images

Sarah needed new personal branding photos for her website and brought more fancy outfits & dresses for a bit of fun in front of the camera. As a fully qualified hypnobirthing practitioner in Wallingford, Sarah believes that trusting in yourself and your body to make the choices that are right for you and your family is key to having a better experience of birth and parenthood. Sarah is also a Mum to three busy boys, so she enjoyed her break by being pampered by professional Hair & Makeup Artist Rachel and myself during her makeover portrait session.

This is what she said of her experience:

"Wow! What am experience - I was treated to the five star treatment - hair and make up done by a professional, I'd never felt so glammed up. Carola was so patient working with me on different poses to get me to shine in front of the camera (something I'd never done before), before long I forgot about feeling self-concious! I would thoroughly recommend."

I had a great time photographing Sarah, thanks for having me photograph you!

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