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Helping Kids See That They're Brilliant Beings - Interview with Sarah Salmon

Blog Interview with Mindfulness Coach Sarah Salmon: “…In her mindful way, Sarah just was being herself in front of the camera, not fighting it, not giving in to self-doubt or insecurities. If only I could bottle this up for my clients!” She can, and she does. Read on for her Interview…

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“Live Fully!” - Interview with Jenny Robinson

Blog Interview with Author Jenny Robinson: sharing her insights on how to juggle 8 endeavours and how to ‘live fully.’ Her new branding images are used extensively in her social media, in her new book Coaching-on-the-go and for the publicity by Financial Times and Pearson Publishing.

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My Clients Are Gems – Meet Gina

Going to networking events can be somewhat hit and miss. Sometimes you come back feeling you've made some good connections, sometimes you wonder why you went in the first place and ever so often you strike gold!

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