3 Essential Makeup Products the Pros swear by!

I love my mascara!


Not any mascara, the one that's in my kit. I’d be very disappointed if they discontinued it. I’ve tried other products, but always, always come back to it. I even imported in bulk during our stint in Vienna – for the full 4 and a half years! They’ve recently changed the wand, and now I’m even more convinced by its amazingness! Let me tell you about it later.

My mascara made me realise that I’m in a unique position with my work: I have an amazing team of hair & makeup artists. They live and breathe beauty products that are top notch – easy to apply, long lasting and fit for strenuous days and any tears, rain, heat and cold.

Makeup Brushes - Carola Moon Portraits Oxfordshire UK

As sharing is caring, let's all benefit from their insight & wisdom! Here are the favourite makeup products that my wonderful professional hair & makeup artists use and love – for themselves and anyone they sprinkle their magic on.


Rachael’s amazing makeup product recommendations

Rachel Capocci Professional Hair & Makeup Artist at Carola Moon Portraits Wallingford Oxfordshire UK

Rachel Capocci Professional Hair & Makeup Artist at Carola Moon Portraits Wallingford Oxfordshire UK

Rachael Capocci is a qualified freelance hair and make up artist specialising in weddings. She absolutely loves her job to enhance the brides’ natural beauty and confidence from within but still looking very much like themselves just polished to perfection!

Here are her recommended essential makeup products that she can't live without in her bridal makeup kit!

  1. Becca – Under Eye Brightening Corrector: This is a must have for me to make my clients’ skin and eyes look brighter and fresher. I love to use this on top of foundation under the eyes. Just a dot goes a long way to lift the skin and to leave it looking stunning & radiant with an all-day glow and a fresh faced look. You can also use it to beautifully highlight the inner corner of your eyes to enhance and make them look bigger and brighter. Link: https://bit.ly/2HH55v8 NOTE: Becca may stop being cruelty-free {LINK}.

  2. Mac Cream Colour Base - colour Hush: This product is a real hidden gem! It comes in a cream texture, which means it can be used as a lipstick, on eyes or cheeks, or even as a highlighter. It's one of my favourite things as it’s a cream texture as well as a lovely colour. It’s beautiful because it doesn’t sit in any fine lines or pores, which then gives a flawless but very natural glow on the top of your skin. Just stunning! Link: https://bit.ly/2qQw39VNote: MAC is not cruelty-free {LINK}!

  3. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick - Penelope Pink. Rachael’s final top must-have product is Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Penelope Pink! You can’t go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury products - they are simple, beautiful and do exactly what they say on the packaging! This colour is the most beautiful nude/pink with a slight gloss and non-drying formulation keeps lips hydrated all day long. And it's long-lasting! Pair it with Pillow Talk Lip Liner for extra definition. Link: https://bit.ly/1CCUZ3F

Wow, I’m so impressed with these recommendations – I cannot wait to try them out myself!

Boots Natural Collection Waterproof Mascara

Boots Natural Collection Waterproof Mascara

Now, in case you’re interested in my favourite mascara, it’s Boot’s own Natural Collection Waterproof Mascara, in brown/black (best for blondes). It’s truly smudge proof, clump free, and easy to wash off with your face cleanser. (PS: Concerned by the negative reviews on the site? Don’t be, I bet it’s just trolls! It’s truly superb – way better than the many other’s I’ve tried and wasted money on!)

What do you think?

Do you know and love any of Rachael's recommendations? 

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