How to prepare for your Headshot Session

Here are some pointers to make your headshot amazing. 

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Your wardrobe can make or break your headshot, or be the deciding factor whether it’ll be the headshot you’re going to be proud to be visible with. Use these ideas to help you choose your outfits:

  • Choose outfits that you love, and colours that make your eyes sparkle, and represent your personal style

  • Bring a number of different outfits that will help to enhance your features: we will choose the ones to photograph you in that look good on you, works well in camera and is appropriate for your audience

  • Avoid busy patterns and much rather choose bold colours, bring some accessories that are important to you and/or represent or complement your personal brand colour(s)

  • Bring outfits that are relatively timeless, and not too seasonal – that way you can use it all year round

Colour Analysis

If you haven’t yet, and are unsure about what colours are good for you, I recommend having your colours done. A professional colour consultant will be able to guide you to the colours that will bring that extra sparkle to your eyes, and makes your cheeks look rosy. 

Hair, Nails, Makeup & Teeth

In the run up to your Headshot Session you may want make these appointments:

  • Hair: Ensure you have your hair cut relatively freshly and your hair colour touched up

  • Nails: If you wear nail colours, choose neutral colours, or complimenting ones that won’t clash with your outfits

  • Makeup: Whether you will do your makeup yourself, or get it done on the morning of your session, choose a simple but well done makeup styling. Make sure your eyes stand out, and reduce any skin shine

  • Teeth: Your smile is your most winning feature, and I’ll be encouraging you to laugh and smile naturally during your session. With this in mind, you may like to book an appointment with your dental hygienist to give your teeth a fresh polish

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What not to worry about

  • Wrinkles and laughter lines: I make sure to use soft lighting to effortlessly help to smooth lines

  • Spots etc.: All chosen images will be delivered professionally edited, so any spots will not feature in your final headshots

  • Glasses: If you normally wear glasses, and may want to ask your optician for a of blank frames. Alternatively, we’ll take the same shot with, and without your glasses so that I can delivery your headshots without any annoying reflections

  • Extra weight: I specialise in fully guided – yet natural – posing, so some extra weight will be taken care of in skilled posing

  • Not being photogenic: Don’t worry, it’s not your job to be photogenic. It’s my job to guide you through your Headshot session and to deliver amazing Headshots of your self that you love

“12 Hour Before” Checklist for your Headshot Session

  • Have a bath the night before, apply a face mask and/or exfoliator

  • Get a good night’s sleep

  • Eat some breakfast so you can enjoy your Headshot session

  • Bring your outfits, undergarments, accessories etc.

  • Don’t forget any pre-loved bras for Against Breast Cancer's Pink Bra Bank in the studio

… above all, enjoy!