Your Business Success is on the Other Side of your Fear of the Camera


You HATE the camera and images of yourself.

AND you have BIG dreams for your business.

What if you needed to overcome the first, to achieve the latter?

What if you needed to keep showing up to bring your big business dreams to life? 

Not just in the daily work you do, but also visibly in your marketing. 

Because your future clients need to know, like and trust you. 

And that may mean you need to show up in photos!

For your scary and exciting big business dreams, would you become visible?

Even if it meant that you’d hate every image of yourself?

Because that may be the price you need to pay…

Would you?

Luckily you don’t have to! Because there’s…

one thing working in your favour!

When you keep showing up, and you put your big scary business dreams over your insecurities of showing up in photos, magic happens.

The magic of self-acceptance!

And eventually: self-love!

You will start looking at yourself in a different light. 

You will notice little loveable quirks about yourself that you hadn’t noticed before. And possibly no one else.

I, for example, smile more with my left side of my face, than my right, which makes the tip of my nose move to its left when I smile. When I first noticed it, I thought it odd, and then, I started to accept, and eventually find it rather cute.

Now, admittedly, to build self-acceptance and self-love does take a little time. And thus patience.

But it’s there for you to enjoy as long as you show up. Consistently! Even if you don’t like it!

Actually, the more consistently and powerfully you show up, the faster you start feel self-acceptance, and self-love.

It is there to reap when you keep showing up! Trust me!

Now, what can you do in the meantime, while you’d still much rather run scurry away from any camera?

Choose a skilled photographer!

Of course you can ask your uncle with the camera to take some photos…

Anyone can take a photo. 

But there’s an art to a great image. 

There’s an art to setting you into scene that works with your brand. 

There’s an art to posing you so that you look naturally flattering.

There’s an art to relaxing you so that you enjoy showing up in front of the camera.

There’s an art to creating images that effortlessly tease the emotional response out of your audience that you want them to feel. To feel connected to you, and trust you!

Let me leave you with a quote by the powerfully visible Katrina Ruth:

“– I STILL shy away MASSIVELY from photoshoots and being on camera, I feel SO awkward, even my photographer laughs her head off at some of my weird clumsy moves and at one point told me to try and walk like a human haha (said with love!) … and I just do a new photoshoot each month anyhow ’cause I GET TF OUT OF MY OWN WAY –

Business Portraits, Headshots and Personal Branding in Wallingford Oxfordshire UK by Carola Moon

What did you take away from reading this post? Leave a comment to let me know what resinated with you.


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