What does it mean to Own Your Awesome?

For the longest time have I been inspired by the phrase “Own Your Awesome”, and have been using the hashtag #ownyourawesome in most of my posts. 

It’s a ‘battle’ cry for myself, and I know that it resonates with many people.

What does it mean though? 

The foundation of it is that everyone has their very own Awesome, like a gift and purpose!

Whether they’re aware of it or not. Whether they fully live it or not. 

It’s the same premise as Marie Forleo’s foundation of all she does:

The World Needs That Special Gift That Only You Have.
— Marie Forleo

That in itself is amazing, isn’t it? 

We all want to feel special. We all want to be special.

And we are.

What if we actually have our very own purpose and gift that – if we choose to accept and own it – make the world a better place?!

What’s your ‘Awesome’?

You might already know. Or it might be hidden behind the many ‘should’ and ‘coulds’ and ‘have tos’. 

You might have created your own thought prison, where there’s no room for your awesome to exist. Where it now feels dark and danky, avoid of refreshing air for you to know and feel your awesome.

That’s where I was a few weeks back: I had created this portrait photography brand (Carola Moon Portraits) which at one point had felt positive and exciting. Now it simply didn’t feel like my ‘Awesome’ anymore. I had to take time out to get new clarity on how and where I feel most alive.

If it’s not clear for you, take time to journal on it. 

Ask yourself questions like:

“What am I good at?” – “Where do I come alive?” – “What ‘What If’s’ do I come back to over and over again?” – “What’s my biggest dream?” – “If I could do anything, but only one thing, what would it be?” – “What sparks utter joy?” – “If I could be, do, have anything, what would it be?”

Don’t worry if your “Awesome” doesn’t equate to a business, offer or job. There are many ways to allow your Awesome to flourish and add value to the world.

Now, what about ‘owning it’. 

What does it really mean to OWN your Awesome. Not just live it. 

So living it would mean you’d rock up, do your thing, and leave. Like one might do a 9-5. 

Owning it is a deliberate intention. It’s a choice. It’s making a stand for yourself, and what you are here for.

It’s what comes up when you ask yourself: “How would I show up if I fully OWNED my awesome? What would I do?”

Initially, it also may simply mean to make time to figure out what your Awesome is. 

Then eventually is it the daily intention to do what feels hard, yet fully soul-aligned. 

Like that long run: you may feel (a lot of) resistance before you hit the pavement, yet you know, have always known, that doing it will make you feel better.

Actually, it’ll make you feel AMAZING!

It is not allowing yourself to be sucked into self-doubt, resistance and fear, and instead step into the knowledge that this is what you’re meant to do.

It’s about doing anything necessary to listen to, and then ignoring(!), the ‘good’ reasons not to do it (“What if I fail”, “It’s scary”, “I’ll do it later”, “It’ll take up too much time”, “I don’t know what or how”… and mind monkey chatter goes on).

And every time I go running, or push through for my business, I feel AMAZING after.

Every. Single. Time!

It’s acts like flipping a switch from ‘everyday normal’ to ‘I’m ALIVE!’  

Flip that switch

The same happens when you fully Own Your Awesome. Doing what is soul-aligned flips your ALIVE button from off to ON!

But, you need to push through resistance to get there. 

And the resistance is sneaky! It will sound convincing…

The way to do that?

Decide, and do!

THAT’s the work!

It’s the talking yourself into doing it. Because you KNOW that’s what you’re meant to do. 

Because two things will happen if you don’t push through your resistance: 

  1. You don’t get the benefits from living your Awesome, like feeling gorgeously ALIVE, and…

  2. Your mind monkey will have a field day (“pffft, you don’t have any Awesome”, “who do you think you are”, “you’re better off doing what you’ve always done”, “you’re doomed to fail anyway”), making it even harder the next day to step into Owning Your Awesome.

So, with this,

I want to cheer you on to Own Your Awesome!
— Carola Moon

Let me know what resonated with you by commenting below. 👇🏻

Have a wonderful day, 

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PPS: And if you fall off, and have let your doubt and mind monkeys have a field day, hop back on as soon as possible. You’re bigger than that! In fact, you’re more AWESOME than that!!! 😄